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SOMALCO Malagasy Society of Cosmetics and Perfumery A reference in the industry of cosmetics in MADAGASCAR , our company was established in 1971 and specializes in manufacturing and marketing beauty products, cosmetics, and perfumes. Having to his credit hundreds of qualified and experienced staff , we produce over 300,000 pieces per year on our product ranges . With fifty items available for Health, Shape, Line , Balance , Aesthetics and the Beauty .


Fine, fragile and vulnerable , the infant's skin is particularly sensitive to external aggressions. Still immature, it needs special care. To meet the needs of the baby we offer our product range for baby. -

Professional product

The SOMALCO offers in its product range articles specially dedicated to professionals such as hair salons, beauty, massage. a full range in larger capacities for optimum use.


Find all our pharmaceutical products and discover a wide range of product for facial and body treatments, slimming products, health and hygiene for babies and adults


NSOMALCO offers the best products Shampoos and care to protect your hair. your hair will be well structured with our various brillantines adapted to your hair type.


Men : Wooded or fresh, aromatic or oriental , make your choice between our perfumes for men. 150ml capacity ( Ambré , Tonight, for men ) Women(love love, aglaia, cindy,betty) : exhale original fragrances that blend subtly Nature, Flavour and Sensuality in rare scents , floral , storable , available in 50ml and 150ml . .


Face and body

SOMALCO offers a wide range of cosmétics products to take control of your beauty by using a vast Face care products, hair, body. For every part of the body there is a suitable and effective product.

From the day cream to wrinkle cream through food supplements or perfumes, find an offer of comprehensive and effective products to take care of her skin and her figure.

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Tel: 22 464 08 - 22 465 37
Tel: 22 464 08 - 22 465 37

Tel: 22 464 08 - 22 465 37
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